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Wonder... (part 2)

Another one of our highlights with Rushmore was that we got to share it with Uncle Steve and Aunt Lana. They flew to Billings, MT then drove to Rapid City to meet us. So fun to have them join us on the road and to spend some family time with, not only Rushmore but The Badlands as well (pictured above).

Just one more thing on Badlands before handing it back off to Hope and her reviews.

Who knew? All we knew was Badlands was a "property" on the National Parks Monopoly board. We had no idea except for a vague description about a section in South Dakota that the Indians said was "uninhabitable" because of the canyon like topography and the word they used in their language interpreted was Badlands. We have to say this ranks right up there in our favorites (and to think we almost didn't go - thank you Uncle Steve and Aunt Lana for the encouragement). It truly is a wonder of crazy creation! Now back to Hope:

Hopes Reviews, review #4 Yellowstone,Tetons,and Glacier, Cody, Jackson Hole, Bozeman, White Fish, Helena.

Welcome back to Hope's Reviews "ITS EITHER A WHOLE LOTTA NOTHIN OR A WHOLE LOTTA SOMETHIN". Today we will be discussing some amazing towns and national parks Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons and Glacier.

Let's start with yellowstone. Man that place is wonderful with lots of great things to do there, one of our favorite things was the Geyser walk, something fun to do after you see old faithful erupt! We also loved all the wildlife we got to see, even a bear! Yellowstone is a definitely must go! While we where visiting Yellowstone we stayed in Cody, WY. Super neat little town. Something that you could do while y’all were there is go to the Buffalo Bill Museum, super cool place to learn about Indians from the surrounding areas and the culture of them. You also can learn about Buffalo Bill and his life, along with many other things. There are 5 museums you can visit there. Both places are really awesome!

Next let's review the Grand Tetons, its mostly a drive through park, but there a lot of great spots to take some wonderful photos, we did not seen much time there but still wonderful things to do there like Jenny Lake and all the hikes around it. Now the town that kinda goes with the Grand Tetons is called Jackson Hole, super fun little resortie town. If you decied to go there, we rented a cabin for a night at the Jackson Hole KOA, which I totally recommend. The day we were there we went shopping, lots of cute stores and I would recommend, Shirt Off My Back, a great t-shirt and sweatshirt store. So overall a fun two places to visit!

Bozeman, MT

Now we will be talking about, Bozeman, Montana. Super cute, quaint, little town. Definitely explore downtown, lots of cute little shops. Definitely a fun town. On one of our one night stays we visited Helena, Montana, the capital, not really anything to do there, but we did eat at Perkins which was delicious.

Last but not least is White Fish and Glacier National Park. I don’t think many people think about or go to this national park, but it is wonderful and beautiful, definitely a must go lots of wonderful hikes to take, and lots of water and snow. One thing that I would do is to pack a lunch and find a picnic spot off of Going To The Sun Road, which is definitely a must do. White Fish is a small town close to Glacier. They have some small cute little shops but overall you don’t need to go there. But you definitely need to go to Glacier!

So overall every thing we did was super exiting and fun. I would rate the Tetons a 9/10, Yellowstone a 10/10 and Glacier a 10/10.

Happy Fall Y'all - See you on the road!

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