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Wonder... (part 1)

First off - how is it October? Not only has time flown by since our last post (almost a month!) but we’ve changed seasons. As we’ve driven to each destination we never factored in the change of seasons and that we would get to see the fall colors the way we have - don’t ask for pictures - the one’s we’ve taken don’t do it justice. And that really has been our experience -“you gotta see it to believe it”… most pictures (unless we’re lucky) do what we’ve seen justice. We continue to be in awe at God’s creativity, majesty, beauty, unpredictability, surprise and delight! Wonder...

Once again we find ourselves catching up with another update - all the awe and wonder has taken up our time with just enough time to grab some pictures and quickly get them on Instagram. So since the last update we’ve seen and done so much, from our first entry into Wyoming to South Dakota, back to Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and now Washington; it has been one visual sensory overload after another. The kids are now making fun of us because the words that we repeat over and over are “this is gorgeous” or “wow” or “fascinating, just fascinating”.

So with that we'll let Hope fill you in with her "Hope's Reviews", a new addition to Wholly Rollin as a contributor. Enjoy the wonder from her perspective.

Hope's Reviews, review number 1: Lusk, Hot Springs, Wind Cave National Park

Hey y’all its Hope, today is the day I will be starting Hope's Reviews! “Its either a whole lotta nothin or a whole lotta somethin!” So this is how its gonna work. I'll be writing reviews on all the places that we go so that y’all know where to go and where not to go.

So lets start in Lusk WY, to be honest its a cute little town but definitely a one night stop (if you’ll be in an rv), super good coffee there called Bean Grinders Coffee (or Hat Creek Mudd Coffee Company). Would totally recommend if planing to go there. After we got some pep in our step, we headed to the stage coach museum, super cool place if your looking for something to do. It has a lot of old artifacts that are super neat to look at. It took us about an hour to get through it all. After the wonderful coffee and museum we're heading back to the rig to have dinner and get a good night of sleep before the travel day ahead of us!!!

Alright our second stop is Hot Springs, South Dakota a pretty and wonderful place to visit. If you are traveling with a camper I would totally recommend Hot Springs KOA beautiful campground, I do wish we got to do more at the KOA. After we landed we went to a “hot spring” you're probably wondering why I put parenthesis around Hot Springs, well that’s because its not very hot. but still a super cool experience to swim in a natural swimming pool! The day after that we headed over to Wind Cave National Park, overall a pretty place but I don’t think it holds it's title of national park. Don’t go to wind cave unless you have nothing else to do.

So overall I would rate lusk a 7/10, Hot Springs a 8.2/10 and Wind Cave a 2.5/10. Stay tuned for the next post of HOPES REVIEWS, “ITS EITHER A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING OR A WHOLE LOTTA SOMETHIN”

Hope's Reviews, review number 2: Crazy Horse, and Custer State Park

Hey y’all welcome back to another edition of Hopes Reviews. “Its either a whole lotta nothin or a whole lotta somethin”. Today we will be rating Crazy Horse Memorial and Custer State Park! Lets get started!

Let's start with Crazy Horse Memorial. An epic experience, definitely cool to see a different heritage celebrated in a way like a rock carving. The carver has a really neat story and you definitely need to pay the $30 to get in. The people that are working on it today have declined $10,000,000 from the government so your thirty dollars will be helping to finish this amazing monument. Totally worth it!


Next on our list is is Custer State Park. OMG! I cannot say enough about this state park. So many breath taking views it also provides, paddle board, kayak and canoe rentals. A couple things you NEED to do there: go though Needles Highway the drive is amazing, and Sylvan Lake is gorgeous, definitely take the walk around the lake.

So my rating for Crazy Horse Memorial is a 8/10, and Custer is a 11/10, but both are definitely must gos! I’ve hope you have enjoyed this post of HOPES REVIEWS: ITS EITHER A WHOLE LOTTA NOTHIN OR A WHOLE LOTTA SOMETHIN! I hope you hear from me soon!

Hope's Reviews: review number 3, Mount Rushmore/ Keystone and Hill City

Welcome back to Hopes Reviews. “Its either a whole lotta nothin or a whole lotta somethin.” Today we will be discussing Mount Rushmore/Keystone and the town of Hill City. Buckle your seatbelt because this is gonna be a wild ride.

Let's start with Mount Rushmore. So cool and such a great learning place, definitely a kid friendly place. Right when you walk up you see all the state flags and it kinda looks like a movie set, very historical. Amazing to see some our most influential presidents carved into rock. Some things that we did that were fun and cool, the Presidents Trail and Mount Rushmore at night. Mount Rushmore at night is a definite must go, if you're going to go here in the summer the light show starts late May to mid August, in the winter they start mid August to September, so if you can plan your trip around then that would be awesome, sadly we didn’t get to see this.

Alright let's move on to something we did a little bit earlyer in the day, Keystone. Right before we did Mount Rushmore we did something called Rush Mountain. It's kinda like an amusement park with alpine slides, an electric zipline, you can tour a cave, and do a very fun interactive video game, overall Rush Mountain was super fun and definitely a must go if you need something to do in the middle of visiting Mount Rushmore.

Last but definitely not least is Hill City, A cute quant town, with a boardwalk, loaded with shops, fudge, and the best restaurants. We went to one of the best steak houses I’ve ever been too called Alpine Inn, and we also visited some of the shops there while waiting to be seated. On your way in (depending on which way you come) there is a candy shop called Candyland, self explanatory, we got LOADS of candy there, they have everything there from 1950s candy to 2000s and its the best candy store I've ever been to.

From Mount Rushmore to Rush Mountain and every thing we did then was the best. Mount Rushmore gets an 12/10, Keystone/ Rush Mountain gets a 9/10 and Hill City gets a 10/10 from me. Thanks for reading this article of Hope's Reviews. Stay tuned for my next post and remember “IT'S EITHER A WHOLE LOTTA SOMETHIN OR A WHOLE LOTTA NOTHIN”!

Well there you have it - stay tuned for Wonder (part 2)...

See you on the road.

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