• Leonard Bagdanov

Wholly Rollin Itinerary

A big part of the RV life is planning your route, scheduling and making reservations along your route and then being flexible for any and all circumstances along the way that may cause you to "re-direct". So many variables can come into play such as season (like August in Colorado), weather (like "snow snaps") and mechanical or circumstantial delays; all of which we experienced and up to this post never laid out an itinerary on paper to share.

We're sharing it now (remembering Proverbs 16:9) so you can follow us but more importantly to pray for us as we travel and maybe even catch up with us on the road - we would love it!

Itinerary for the Bagdanov’s Wholly Rollin Trip

See you on the road....

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Update on us as of 7/8/20 From wholly rollin to slowly rollin now to hitchless... Keep praying for us - best case scenario 3 weeks worst case scenario 6 weeks for the rig to get fixed. We dropped it