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Wholly Rollin 2021

Happy New Year from Wholly Rollin's "Grand" finale...

As you know from our last post that we sold the RV. Here's a little more to the story... After a lot of prayer and processing we decided that it was time to get "unhitched". Well maybe it was more that I was tired of the nomadic lifestyle that this adventure provided. I've always said (tongue in cheek) that I am spontaneous if I've done it once - the RV living is anything but consistent; it was always new every time we arrived and every time we departed and it became more burdensome than exciting for me and I became weary.

I think the other factor was taking the kids experience and well being into account. Now, we know they are adolescent and preadolescent so we shouldn’t be surprised at their responses and/or emotions but we felt that it might be wearing on them as well.

We always said that our hands are open to what the Lord has for us next and we also believed that to be true with where we were going to land. Honestly? CA was always a desire and top of our list of possibilities (so was WA, TX, and OK). We've been praying since October for God's leading, direction and wisdom ever since we evaluated our finances and knew we had to make a decision as to whether we loved what we were doing enough to re-allocate funds toward it or stop.

When we arrived in CA we looked at our options from what type of work I could do, where we could live (schools, location etc), church and thinking through where the kids would/could thrive and the financial implications of living in CA; all of which were compelling (one way or the other). In the meantime, Watermark reached out to me and basically offered my old job back and thus began a different aspect of praying and processing.

So that's the background which brings us to today...

We are back in Dallas based on the following:

1. I have a job ;-)

2. Familiarity for the kids with school district (especially with Andrews learning differences).

3. Affordability.

4. A place the kids could thrive.

5. Twenty years of friendships for us.

I type that and it seems so simple - but even simple can be hard. It has been an emotional rollercoaster (so pray for our hearts). We're grieving on several fronts (not having the rig anymore, ending of this season, places we didn't get to, etc) at the same time being excited seeing God's hand of provision for us. One of the reasons we did Wholly Rollin was that we knew we would get to see and spend time with family and maybe, just maybe, even move closer to them. So there have been tears shed, doubts shared and fears to face. Pray for us, pray for courage, pray for comfort, pray for strength (for us and the kids), pray for peace in our decision and that we would be good stewards with what the Lord has entrusted us - mainly our marriage and the kids - that both would thrive. Thrive is our word for 2021 and is our guiding principle with the Lord's blessing this year.

So with all that said, we hit the road last Sunday (1/3) headed for TX via the Grand Canyon for one last hurrah on our national park tour. Since we sold the RV we realized we had all our stuff that we needed to do something with - so we rented a uhaul trailer, loaded it up to add it to the storage unit with all our other stuff. We were planning to get to TX for Hope's birthday (1/25) anyway but the current circumstances sped up our timeline.

On top of all that - we rolled back into Dallas with the COVID - yep - I (Leonard) tested positive so now we are currently quarantining at a friends lake house a couple of hours outside of Dallas. Pray for recovery, health and emotional strength for us and our kids as we ride this out as we are excited to see all of you face to face soon.

We find ourselves having to find housing remotely so we are thankful for faithful community and friends who are helping us do the leg work; where to live, to rent? to buy? So if you know of any opportunities in the Lake Highlands area of either option, please let us know.

I want to end by saying (if this post may seem a little heavy) that WE HAVE NO REGRETS! Are you kidding? The places we've seen and have gotten to go, the people we've seen, rekindling old relationships and being with family equals PRICELESS! So we are forever grateful for the opportunity! Grateful the Lord saw fit in His infinite grace and mercy that we did this together as a family and, yes, even all the learning and growth in the hard times not knowing what we didn't know. These past six months exposed a lot in me that I need to work on and there are not enough words to express my love and gratitude for Mandy who was with me every step of the way and continues to love and complete me.

Our prayer for you all is that the Lord would draw you closer into relationship with Him, that it would be richer and deeper and that the trappings of the world would grow pale in comparison to life of trust and faith with Him (praying that for myself most every morning).

Wholly Rollin may not be on the road with a 5th Wheel attached but has now changed to another adventure that “we’re all in “ for: back in Dallas so our family, kids and community can THRIVE in 2021. So we continue to claim, live out, remember, Proverbs 16:9,

"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps."

Join us!

See you on this new road.

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