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We Made It To Colorado (another overdue update)

Toto - we’re not in Kansas anymore! We made it to Colorado via the long way through Kansas! But while we were there we took in what Kansas had to offer:

August 12 - 17, 2020

Kansas City - if you’re ever there a must see is the WWI Memorial - so great and a slice of history you’re sure to learn something you didn’t know before, i.e. the red poppies! We actually stayed in Lawrence (Rock Chalk Jay Hawk) a great little college town but a horrible RV park - way too close to the train tracks (most parks are but this one was keeping us up all night).

We had to “re-route” and head through SW Kansas because of not being able to find available RV spots in and near Colorado Springs or Denver. Apparently EVERYONE wants to be in Colorado in August. We managed to find availability in Pueblo so that’s where we headed.

We dropped south to Wichita after we stopped in Topeka, part of our “US Capital Tour”.

We loved the All Seasons RV Park - small, tucked away in a neighborhood, NO trains, NO airplanes, and no street lights shining through the windows AND got to catch up with old friends!

Next stop? Dodge City, KS - as in hello Wyatt Earp and the story behind Boot Hill… but just one night - that was enough and we “got out of Dodge”!

August 17 - 21, 2020

Colorado - made it! And did you notice? Without incident!

We stayed at the Lathrop State Park before heading to Pueblo and what a great little oasis. One of the reasons we chose to stay at Lathrop was it’s vicinity to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Now we had heard about the Dunes and it came highly recommended but it’s a place that you have to see for yourself!

Did you know that if you smell the smell of rotten eggs coming through your vents that your battery may be dying? Well we didn’t. And the next morning when we were getting ready to leave for Pueblo we found out. Yep - dead battery. Called AAA, waited for the guy to show up, got a jump then promptly went and bought a new battery - naturally…

Made it to Pueblo! We feel like we’re inching our way to the mountains and cooler weather but in the meantime making the best of it with visits to Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods:

and Glen Eyre - y’all another hidden gem - if you ever get a chance - go and even stay there if you can, bring your Dawson Trottman biography or your ED1, ED2, or ED3 books to review - here:

Unfortunately we couldn’t take the Air Force Academy tour but got to spend a fun afternoon sipping coffees with Katie Boswell at her Colorado Springs Starbucks - great day!

On the way back to Pueblo the “time for an oil change” indicator went off - so that’s where I was this morning - the Chevy dealer in Pueblo - truck maintenance - needed it as well as lending to peace of mind - which, lately? much needed!

This weekend? More of Colorado Springs, more friends, and then more of Colorado.

Itinerary? Buena Vista, Denver, Estes Park.

Thanks for the continued prayers.

See you on the road!

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