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We made it! Washington has been a milestone of sorts - almost like a finish line for this first leg of our Wholly Rollin adventure. So much has happened, so much adjustment and growth, huge learning curves, so much to see, so much to do. And we did it!

We felt like we were in one of those races where friends/families come along side the runners for their last few miles when Greg and Ellen met us in Coeur d’Laine, Idaho. We had just come off our last national park “tour” leaving Glacier on October 1st on our last stretch to get to Washington to be with family and take a break for a while from the taking down and setting up of the rig. It was like a sweet homecoming after being gone a long time when we saw Greg and Ellen at the Tamarack RV Park. Oh what joy filled our hearts!

We did our last leg into Washington the next day and arrived in Colville (pronounced “call-ville”) in eastern Washington, 75 miles north of Spokane. The RV is parked and resting in front of the house taking a break.

The last time we were in Washington was for Dan and Jamies wedding - 5 years later and two kids later we finally got to see them and Addy and meet JJ! So proud of my nephew and his sweet little family! This was a sweet prelude to what we again would experience in Seattle.

After spending the weekend in Colville we packed our overnight bags and once again headed west. This time by car - we left the truck and rig behind and set out for Seattle where more family awaited us; not only the rest of our Washington crew but more from California came up and so it turned out to be a mini family reunion.

From the moment we arrived our time was filled with family, food and fun! Such a great reception and reward for reaching this milestone. Clearly we love our families which bring so much joy and fulfillment to our lives - such a sweet gift. Our time was rich - “we love you, we love you, we love you!"

Happy Fall Y’all!

And if that wasn’t enough we got to add “friends” to the list of “family, food and fun” with CC joining Wholly Rollin for more Seattle and Snoqualmie Falls. Thank you Cynthia for meeting up with us - we love you and are so grateful for you and your friendship. SO FUN!

And just when you thought you couldn’t be “wowed” again - there’s Olympic National Park!

From the typical Washington rain that turned to snow on Hurricane Ridge...

...to “what a difference a day makes” the next day at Lake Crescent!

Beyond words of God's majesty and what pictures captured so - again - you gotta see it for yourselves! This quickly came up the list as one of our possible favorites!

And of course our trip would not be complete without a "capital selfie".

Olympia! The capital of Washington state!

More to come as we prepare for the next leg of whollyrollin2020 - keep us in your prayers.

See you on the road.

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