• Leonard Bagdanov


Merry Christmas with some late breaking news! A lot has happened since our last post while in Southern California.

Wholly Rollin will be unhitched and changing its roll in 2021! The adventure is going to look a lot different. We sold the RV.

Needless to say we've had the experience and adventure of a life time. Lots of ups and downs, lots of sites seen, lot's of learning but our favorite was the lots of family time together. Priceless! What an incredible time it's been for us in the midst of all 2020 brought! But we feel it's time (earlier than we thought) to wrap up the road tripping.

Naturally, we find ourselves at a crossroads, of sorts, as our hands are open to what God has for us next. As a result we are processing and praying whether to stay in CA or return to TX (or land somewhere in-between, where we've been:)). Our heart is to contribute some way to His church and kingdom. What that looks like is in the Lord's hands as we pray for His guidance and wisdom. So would you pray with us?

Wholly Rollin wishes you a Merry Christmas, filled with the joy that comes from the baby that is our Savior, who came to give us freedom from our sin struggles and grants us eternal life and a Happy New Year wherever the road takes you and hopefully we'll see you.

We thought we’d take a moment to remember and review some of the places the RV (or "rig" as we fondly called it) “rested” while we adventured before it "rests in peace".

See you on the road.

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