• Leonard Bagdanov

Trucks, Hitches and "Rigs"

So we’re T-Minus 12 - meaning 12 days until “lift off” - busy packing, getting ready to close on the house as well as needing to get the hitch installed and take delivery on the “rig” (that’s what we call an RV in the biz - or the RV world). If that’s not busy enough just thinking about it, it just got busier - on Tuesday the service lights on the truck went on requesting service on the “Trailer Brake”, I’m thinking that’s pretty important to get checked out. Oh and the “Stabilitater” needs checking too - whatever that is. So - off I go to the Chevy dealer who proceeds to tell me they hope they can get it back to me by Thursday. Talked to them today (Wednesday) and they haven’t even got to it. Calling another dealership to see if they can get to it faster. That’s the truck.

Now the hitch… Yes there’s a story there too. Our sales guy from McClains called to ask if we could move up the hitch installation on the truck - to Thursday. Well, that won’t work you see - we don’t have the truck!!! So we moved the date of installation to Monday (if you’re counting, that is T-Minus 7) no stress here….

Which brings us to the “Rig”. Need a truck with a hitch to get the Rig. I might be new to this but I’m a quick study. We can do that Monday too - great - as long as we get the truck back in time… Pray for and with us. Wasn’t exactly picturing our adventure to start this way but none-the-less, it’s an adventure.

See you on the Road - sooner than later - we hope.

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