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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Leaving what we know and heading out on an adventure.

Welcome to Wholly Rollin! As you know from our bio, at the beginning of March, 2020, we told the kids about a trip of a lifetime. We are taking the next year, from summer 2020-summer 2021, to travel around the United States! So here we are - Wholly Rollin - well, not quite yet... We're calling this inaugural post "Transition" because that's what we're in, what we have been since June 1st. In transition and waiting... We close on the house on June 18th, buy our RV, complete Buddy (the dog)‘s adoption,  finish packing (both storage and what we're taking with us), get the kids to kamp, and make our exit on June 29th. Lot's of moving parts, lots of emotions, lots of excitement, lots of unknown, lots of exercising our faith. 

Thanks for joining us and praying with us on this journey. See you on the road.

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