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Oh The Places You'll Go!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

So - how does one plan for where you will go on an adventure of a lifetime? We don't know ;-) But what we do know is where we need to be in the short term so we'll start there.

Kamp starts for Hope June 27th, so we'll get her to the bus bright and early that Saturday morning, go to Adam Buttorff's wedding on the 28th and then get on the road the 29th headed to Branson, MO so we can get Andrew to Kamp by the 4th of July. After that it will be just Mandy and me (for that week anyway) for a much needed time to ourselves and take in what it may look like for us on the road and just be together after the crazy waiting of transition and moving.

Kamp pick up for the kids is July 10th and then we're heading north to St. Louis - more to come on that as we get closer.

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