• Leonard Bagdanov


Update on us as of 7/8/20 From wholly rollin to slowly rollin now to hitchless... Keep praying for us - best case scenario 3 weeks worst case scenario 6 weeks for the rig to get fixed. We dropped it off so that’s a load lifted - at least it’s in process and we’re not waiting on the insurance game anymore. We’re spending the night tonight at a friends house in Dallas (Lewisville actually) and will head to MO tomorrow, spend the night, pick up the kids from Kamp on Friday and stay the weekend. After that? Tulsa we think... after that? Hitchless! If you know any "vacancies" that responsible guests can stay at - let us know.

Taking these steps of faith one day at a time and as part of the journey and adventure - maybe slowing our roll is part of the plan!

See you on the road...

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