• Leonard Bagdanov

Hitch In Our Giddy Up!

I’ve yet to blog this but we’ve hit a “hitch in our giddy up”. On our way to get the AC fixed in the RV, I hit some branches on the way out of Bar A L that have done enough damage for an insurance claim and probably a 2-3 week delay in going anywhere as it gets fixed. We are currently in week one in Denton where we bought it waiting for approval and start date. Thankfully we have a spot here that we can be hooked up while we wait and the kids are at Kamp. WiFi connection has been a challenge, hence the delay in an update on the blog.

It certainly has been disappointing but have found that it has been an exercise of waiting and slowing down. I have realized how frenetic and in a hurry I have been adding to the tension as well as the learning curve of this transition from house to RV so it has been good to be in one place getting acclimated as well as acquainted with this new lifestyle. I have to admit I have not been a good student at times, still reverting to the frenetic pace but the Lord has been gracious in the gift of Mandy!

Pray with us, that the RV gets in the shop before Thursday so we can get it back next week, repaired and ready to get rollin. And pray for our hearts as we continue to trust, learn and grow during this new season that we have entered in as well as keeping our hands open to what direction the Lord would have us go in given the delay as well the current state of affairs with COVID.

Thank you - and see you on the road!

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