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“Gotta go now baby, If I hurry I can still make Cheyenne” (George Strait)

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Like everything, so far, blogging has been a learning experience too…

When to write? What to write? Do we have wifi? Do we have enough bandwidth to add pictures? Not to mention the pressure to get something down that expresses all that we’ve experienced in a concise and meaningful way. I find it comes in waves and wonder if that’s what authors experience in their writing, writers block, inspiration, etc… I also find that’s why it comes as updates by the time we can get to a place that all the needed elements come into place. So here we are. We have wifi, connection, hopefully bandwidth and time.

By now everyone is aware and has experienced the crazy weather patterns lately. From triple digits in TX a couple of weeks ago to triple digits in CA and CO over the last weekend, with fire (and lots of smoke in the Denver area) and now that drastic drop (70 degrees in some places) in temperature bringing a snow snap earlier than usual here in the Rockies. So we left Estes Park, CO a day early to get Cheyenne yesterday rather than staying on the mountain in snow and be on mountain roads in snow. We made it out, clear roads, short drive, getting here, settling in, laundry, groceries and assistance from the RV staff here to get set up for the cold. SUPER thankful for God’s goodness and provision as we weather it out here in Cheyenne.

And with that comes time… Time to remember, reflect and report (another update).

Buena Vista - August 26 -30, 2020

Not only did we get relational time with the Fords and celebrating Andrew Day, we got some good Colorado activity time with white water rafting as well as Jumping Good Goat Farm tour… (more to come on the goat farm tour - thinking the kids will do a write up on that one - super cool and interesting)

Denver/Chatfield State Park - August 30 - September 4, 2020

The other thing we’re learning with the RV life is that it’s a life of transition. It goes without saying that you’re consistently on the move but there are other life circumstances that play into those transitions. One of those was starting Road School, starting school in general. Now we’re learning that part of the transitions is having school wherever we are with the plus of getting to do the activities that lend itself to the location you’re in that count as Physical Education.

The other thing that we’ve realized is how relational we are and how sometimes that trumps activity… (shocker I know) but one of the greatest things about us wholly rollin has been how many friends and family we’ve gotten to connect with and how much we’ve enjoyed it and how much it has blessed and filled us! Super fun to hang with, who we affectionately call, “The Cousins”. These are Mandy’s first cousins on her mom’s side. We had such a great time with them and so humbled by their generosity and hospitality!

Estes Park - September 4 - 7, 2020

Finally - mountains and cooler weather that we were after! AND a sweet surprise of more family! What are the odds that our paths would cross with the whole Lisa and Drew Files crew? Yes! Absolutely we would drive to meet up with them! Worth every mile, every hour, every moment!

And so that brings us to Cheyenne. I actually told Mandy that I felt it was time for a new location and state - we were in CO for 3 weeks so it was time…. Looking forward to Rushmore next week and beyond - be on the lookout for our full itinerary in our next post as we continue to roll.

See you on the road…

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