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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

As my mind reflects upon the last 21 years in Dallas, Texas, my eyes become glassy.  Actually the summer of 1998 is truly when I came south from Bartlesville, OK to spend a few months learning at Dallas Theological Seminary and to see if seminary was a “fit” for me.  Coming that summer was a step of faith.  Fully believing that Dallas was “it”, I moved in May of 1999, beginning what became 21 years of life in Dallas for this Oklahoma girl, but never intended to stay.  Twenty one years ago the “plan” was to get the degree and then see what God had next…..never believing it would be Dallas, thinking more about beautiful Colorado or even back in Bartlesville, to a town and community I already loved.  Not Dallas. I chuckle silently to myself, as many of you reading do, especially my husband.  Not Dallas.  Big cities aren’t my favorite; smaller communities, slower pace, and conversations  are.  Cement isn’t my favorite; grass, fresh air, landscapes without big buildings, are.  But God...  His plan was different and because He is who I wanted to hear (not always the first time or willingly) I stayed.  I stayed to be a part of a big city community that works so hard to make the big small.  A community that is desperate to give space so everyone can be fully known and fully loved. A community that encourages us to fully invest in the lives of others.  I stayed to be a part of that community of believers.

I also came to Dallas as a single and am leaving married with children.  So now it’s the Bagdanov family that is taking a step of faith.   Leonard and I quit our jobs (gulp), sold our house (gulp, gulp) and are taking our kids on an EPIC adventure around the US.  We will be “road schooling”; traveling about witnessing God’s majesty in creation, learning practical truths in everyday life while having fun as a family experiencing everything  together!  The most difficult part of all this is leaving people that we love. Friends that have become family over the past 21 years.  And my eyes become glassy again because my heart is overflowing with gratitude.  Known and loved.  Thank you, Dallas.  

Come see us on the road.  

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