• Leonard Bagdanov


Today we closed on the sale of our home.

Mixed emotions for sure but excited to be one step closer to wholly rollin - especially with the truck fixed and back! Took it to the first dealer thinking it was going to be “out of this world” but found a better “reliable” option… (not to throw any one dealer under the bus but… don’t go to Jupiter or Friendly). Reliable Chevrolet has a new fan and I would highly recommend their service department if you have a Chevy, but I digress….

The picture is a custom print of our house by a local artist that was commissioned by our realtor - Missy Richardson (if you’re looking to buy or sell a house by the way ;-). It will be keepsake we’ll treasure forever.

So we’re back on track - getting the hitch installed on Monday and then taking delivery on the Rig! Thankful! Thanks for the prayers!

See you on the road!

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