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A Long Overdue Update…

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Now with added pictures!

Without pictures due to poor internet connections in the RV world...

Well it’s been a while since our last blog update a lot has happened, and thus it’s been a while since we’ve had the time to actually sit, collect our thoughts and provide you this update.

Disclaimer - it’s going to be long so if we’ve lost you, what we really want you to know and ask is that you continue to pray for us!

This has been way harder than we imagined, the learning curve has been steep and so much of it has been not knowing what we don’t know. And that’s just in the day to day operations and functioning not to mention several significant circumstances that have happened along the way; some in our control and others not…

So let me pick up from the day we got the RV out of the shop on Tuesday, 7/28/20 - yes two weeks ago already!

Tuesday, 7/28/20

Got the rig! Now at McClains waiting for plug to be fixed - whew - made it, first phase....

Tuesday, 7/28/20 (cont.)

Whew! Made it to Shreveport - nothing like your first day driving in the rain but just like everything else might as well get it out of the way on the front end.

Wednesday, 7/29/20

Got to Mississippi and settled in to our Yogi Bear On The Lake RV Resort - don’t laugh - they’re actually pretty nice…

(Oh yeah - and celebrated a birthday)

Thursday, 7/30/20

3:00am - heard a beeping sound, something like someones alarm clock was going off. Well - it was the refrigerator - a fault code of some sort which instructed me (after searching the owners manual) to turn the fridge off and bring it in for service. What? Called the fridge manufacturer as instructed and they referred me to an RV Service and Repair in Jackson, MS. When I called they said they couldn’t take us for two weeks. Also referred me to a place in Memphis and since we were headed there next decide we could do without the fridge until then. Next we did a little “Home Town”, ate at Pearls (best Mac & Cheese you’ve ever had!), State Capital, Fine and Dandy and Civil Rights Museum.

Friday, 7/31/20 (am)

What a first few days on the road. It was good, it was stressful, it was successful, it was anxious, it was new, unknown, both which I don’t do well in so was forced to “lean in” to all of that.

“The righteous will live by faith” Romans 1:17

Along with reminders of Jesus Christ’s power and the power of the Gospel. All of that helped center my restless heart - answer to prayer - for now....

Friday, 7/31/20 (later that am…)

This just happened- rig came off the hitch and is sitting on the back end of the truck. Clearly didn’t connect the hitch correctly. After all that had happened since day 1 of buying the rig, all the waiting and then more challenges along the way, Mandy looked at me and said she was done and I agreed whole-heartedly. We called emergency roadside assistance and as we waited it felt like it was that straw that broke the camels back and all my thoughts were about once the rig got towed to wherever they were going to tow it we were selling it and the truck, cutting our losses, renting a car and driving somewhere far, far away.

As we waited in the 95 degree heat. God sent an angel to help us. His name was Jerry who happened to work at the RV park we were staying at. Ten years of 5th wheel experience. He knew that the truck was ok, and that if he could get the rig back on the hitch, he could help us get back on the road. I was like, “are you kidding?” He assured me. We had left the 7 way still plugged in (which provides electrical from truck to rig while driving). But since we weren't driving, it wasn't allowing the hydraulic leveling system to work to lift up the rig off the truck. We thought it was broken, which we thought meant we needed a tow truck to lift the rig off. Well, you have to unplug the 7 way because the trucks wasn't on and it works on it own! Who knew? It's something they have changed recently, Jerry the angel said. And after 10 minutes, we got back on the road and are headed to Memphis!

We made it to Memphis without incident, parked the rig at the Graceland RV Park (yes - the same Graceland of the king). We were pretty battled wounded. Had no idea where next was and were reaching out to family, community and friends for prayer, praying for strength in our hearts to "do it again". We didn’t even stay in the rig the next two nights. Instead, in Memphis with our friends, The Nashes, we found a good, recovering respite. What a blessing they were for us, opening their home, hospitality and graciousness that served us on so many levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are forever grateful.

Sunday, 8/2/20

Sunday we got to go to church! The church the Nashes go to met outside with masks and social distancing of course… What a gift (and God’s timing) that we could worship corporately and be encouraged by God’s people. And the message? Endurance!

We even managed a Sunday Family Golf Game!

That night we decided it was time to get to the rig to spend the night there. We got to zoom with our community group to share and be encouraged by them as well as we asked for prayer for God’s direction.

Monday, 8/3/20 (am)

Now back to the fridge… we found the the Service and Repair location and they could take us that morning. So we “got back on the horse” hitched the rig back on the truck (successfully, although tentatively, this time) and made it there without incident. They said it would take them a couple of hours to determine the issue and would let us know. About 45 minutes later they called to let us know that it was a recall issue and it would take approximately 3 weeks to get. Wait… we’re not staying here for 3 weeks… they said they could coordinate it to be sent wherever we may in 3 weeks. Still no fridge. Still praying through what our next move would be…

Tuesday, 8/4/20

So while we waited we got the privilege of doing a tour of Memphis on the “Stephen Nash Tour of Memphis” (the son of the Steve and Donna Nash our gracious hosts) starting at Gibson Donuts (truly the best glazed to coat your lips), then to the biggest, baddest Bass Pro (where we bought an ice chest since the fridge is on the fritz), famous Beale Street and of course a nod to one of the kings at the Lorraine. Great day - great tour - thank you Stephen.

Tuesday, 8/4/20 (pm)

And then this: right when we were getting ready to head back to the rig we found the tire had flattened… ran over a king size screw in the city of the 3 kings. The hits just keep coming.

Wednesday, 8/5/20

Headed to Discount Tire to repair the tire - but ended up having to buy a new tire.

At least it was repaired and we would be ready for whatever is next as it was still undetermined at that point. The best thing though for Wednesday was that Mandy and I got in a date!

Thursday, 8/6/20

And today?

Couldn’t dump the black tank (meaning emptying the toilet stuff) and had to get the roving RV repairman to come check it out all to realize it was $150 mistake on my part! I left the hose plug on the hose so the “it” wasn’t flowing” geez!!!!

Probably worth paying him to handle all that sewage (he emptied it in a black trash bag). Anyway - we’re back in business but seriously…

We did manage to get to see Elvis though!

Friday 8/7/20

Decision Day! So we decided to push on… felt like it was time to make a move and if we were going to move might as well be pushing forward with yet another iteration of our itinerary. What were learning is to hold things loosely because anything can happen that can throw your schedule off so our itinerary follows suit and will include it at the end of the end of this post so you can follow along and pray!

Saturday, 8/8/20

Departure Day!!! After our week long respite and and some wind back in our sails. We hooked ups the hitch - no problem we were ready to go!

Until… Yep! You guessed it - another issue - our Trailer Brake indicator light went on. Can’t really drive a trailer with no trailer brake, the truck will do all the work and would be too much on it. So - off to the Chevy dealer to see if they could look at it and fix it. The blessing out of this? They could take us - weren’t sure how long it will take but at least it was in. Only thing is we were headed to St. Louis so we’d have to see how long it would be to determine, yet again, what our next move was going to be.

Chevy said it was a rig problem not the truck so we were going to have go to an RV repair. But when we reattached every thing it worked - it may have fixed itself and pressed on to St. Louis.

Sunday, 8/9/20

Great day exploring St. Louis and connecting with old friends.

Tuesday, 8/11/20

Getting ready to move it on down the road but with one stop to get the Trailer Brake check out on the rig side - just to stay on the safe side - on our way to Kansas City, again, holding it loosely depending on what happens tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for us as we learn, grow and continue to take steps of faith stepping into the unknown.

I know I said I wold add our itinerary but I think there is plenty you have read so I'll include it in the next post with some pictures.

See you on the road...

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