A Little About Us

At the beginning of March, 2020, we told the kids about a trip of a lifetime. We are taking the next year, from summer 2020-summer 2021, to travel around the United States!  


About a year ago, we began to think practically and prayerfully what it would be like to take a “sabbatical” year with our kids; giving them the experience rather than just the head knowledge of what they are studying in school, researching on the internet or hearing about from friends.  But most importantly, we want time with them.  Time as a family and time with each of them individually.  


We love them so much, yet all four of us are pulled in so many different directions. So here we go - Wholly Rollin - we're all in! 

Check back and see what we're up to!

The Bagdanovs

Leonard, Mandy, Hope & Andrew

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